Monday, January 30, 2012

Dave McKean portrait of me

I met Dave McKean at a seminar a few years back and he gladly signed my Absolute Sandman Vol 1, which I had carted around all weekend in the hope of meeting him – have you ever try carrying one of those Absolute books around for any length of time? I also managed, at a later date, to get Neil and Amanda to add their srcibbles to it too! Dave also did a quick-as-you-like portrait of me in my copy of Dustcovers: The Collected Sandman Covers 1989-1996 – so this is now one of my prized possessions.

Dustcovers is one of my go to books when I'm out of ideas on a project – it's full of astounding images that invigorate the creative juices. Actually, 100 Best Album Covers by Storm Thurgerson, is another great go to for me as well.

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