Monday, May 27, 2013


I just realised that I've worked on lots of awesome covers over the last year, so I finally put a samples page together. I sometimes get the base colors pretty good - sometimes I'm way off – lucky I work with such talented artists! Here's a few highlights:

 The Ghost Train to New Orleans (The Shambling Guides #2).
Pictures: Jamie McKelvie.
Final colours: Jamie McKelvie. © 2013 Orbit.

Swamp Thing #19. Pictures: Tim Brase.
Final colours: Matt Wilson. © 2013 DC Comics.

Young Avengers #3 Variant. Pictures: Todd Moore.
Final colours: Matt Wilson. © 2013 DC Comics.

DareDevil Dark Nights #1. Pictures: Lee Weeks.
Final colours: Lee Loughridge. © 2013 Marvel.

Diablo #5 . Pictures: Joseph LaCroix.
Final colours: Lee Loughridge. © 2012 DC Comics.