Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Color Collab

A couple of colors over PJ Holden's excellent inks of creator-owned characters.

Vic Frankenstein from Nick Roche and Brian Lynch's Monster Motors. 

Ned Hartley's Sgt Punchface. 

Steve Horton's Amala's Blade .

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Final Mayday

Route 66. The end of the line. Welcome to Black Hole Sun.


Story by Curt Pires, Art by Alex Diotto and Chris Peterson, Colors by me, Letters by Colin Bell, Publisher Black Mask.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Exit Generation

I was lucky enough to be asked to color this Jason Copland pin-up to celebrate the cut-off date for ordering Exit Generation by Samuel Read. Check out the other excellent pin-ups by some fantastic creators HERE.

But even though the deadline is drawing near, there is still time to get your order in!  If you’re at your local store this Wednesday for your new comics, you can ask them to order a copy using Diamond Code JUL151204 – & you can still see a preview of the first issue (along with a bunch of other details) right HERE.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Desktop Clean Up

 A few recent color pieces.

Batman '66. Inks by Daryl Shaw.

Spider-man. Inks by Nate Stockman.

The Life and Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Cover. Inks by Stephen Downey.

DareDevil. Inks by Nate Stockman.

Howard the Duck. Inks by Daryl Shaw.

Tarzan. Inks by Paul Bolger.

The Sandman. Inks by Daniel Warren.

The 9th Doctor. Inks by Daryl Shaw.

Judge Dredd. Inks by Eoin Coveney.

Granuaile. Inks by Robert Carey.

Monster Motors. Inks by Daryl Shaw.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Mayday #3 is a comic book. With boys and girls and guns and pig people and holes in spacetime and Los Angeles. What are you waiting for? Just read it. You'll love it. 

Story by Curt Pires, Art by Alex Diotto and Chris Peterson, Colors by me, Letters by Colin Bell, Publisher Black Mask.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Kill-Crazy Nymphos ATTACK!!

These are the first official preview pages of a project I''m working on. Co-created by the Soska Sisters and Daniel Way, with art by Rub Dumo, this original graphic novel presented in a grindhouse/exploitation film style is irreverent and raw. Back us over at Kickstarter if you want to see this comic get to print.

The official plot of Kill-Crazy Nymphos ATTACK!:

“The story centers upon Purvis Gunt, a malcontent and pervert who works at a pharmaceutical lab. Purvis is obsessed with having rampant, porno-style sex with nearly every woman he sees but it’s never gonna happen for him because, in addition to the fact that he’s married, he’s revolting in every possible way. So he turns to science for a way to cheat the situation, using the resources of the pharmaceutical lab to create something that will cause women to lose any and all inhibition or restraint and fill them with uncontrollable lust. Purvis, however, is a terrible scientist. What he cooks up is a virus that fills women with not only a lust for sex…but for blood.

When the virus gets out and infects the female population of the small town where Purvis lives, carnage ensues and it’s up to Purvis, disgraced priest Father Osorio and super macho but sexually ambiguous SWAT officer Mack Diesel to contain the situation before woman-hating US President Pole drops a nuke on the whole goddamn mess.”